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How to Deafeat Scammers?
Ive been analyzing roulette e-books for over two years. Every month new e-books appear, all with the same content but on different sites. The worst thing you can do is to start buying all the roulette e-books on the internet. I can guarantee that you will find the same information on all of them. I know this for sure because I have many of them on my computer.

When you buy these roulette e-books, you make the seller richer, and you lose your money. To add to the bad news, they earn from the casino commissions. But the worst happens when you request a refund: the seller either tells you that you didn't use his system correctly or doesnt answer your e-mails. Either way, you can forget about receiving your money back.

Have you ever seen a seller making as many accusations as me? No. Why? Because they know that they are tarred with the same brush. I'm confident in what I'm offering you; that's why I'm so interested in defeating the scammers out there. They know that they are selling you BS. Yes, you heard right. They know but they are still selling it to you.

Keep reading and youll learn How Not to Be Caught in the Most Common Traps.

Fake Winnings Trap

Im sure you understand that I can't name names here. But I can tell you that I have bought those BS e-books too. And after being scammed I've learned to ask a simple question, which you should ask yourself too: Did they show any proof of their winnings?

Remember that proof written by their hands is still not proof. Anyone can write the number $483,743 on his computer (it takes 1.5 seconds to write), and anyone can write a sum like $1,000,000 (it takes 0.5 seconds). Even better, some stupid people who don't have a clue about mathematics write, "Super Professor. I have four Nobel prizes and have studied the roulette table for 10 years" (it takes just 4 seconds to write this BS, so don't even think for a minute that the writer is a scientist).

I will not waste your time with beautiful words and nice numbers, so check my proof of winnings or see a real video showing how I play with my system in Real Money mode.

Playing on "Fair" Casinos Trap

Let's say someone sells their amazing system or even offers it for free, and you say, "Wow! He is a really good guy. Just wait. After that he tells you that his system works at many casinos, but he has tested it and knows for sure that it works for two or three. You think, "Okay. If this guy tested it, why should I risk playing at another casino?" You click on the link and download the casino. Have you ever wondered why he gives you that link and why for that particular casino? Just check and you will see the affiliate id in the link. What does this mean? The guy tells you that you will win, but the link is registered on his affiliate id, and he receives money ONLY from the losses of his players. Does this mean the seller is going to lose because you win? Not at all. He knows for sure that at the end you will lose. So you are scammed in two ways: one from the book (if you bought it) and the other from the casino commissions.

I am not one of those guys. My system works for a casino right now, and I don't care how you download the casino software. You can go to their website or you can use the implemented download from my program that just run the SetupCasino.exe, which was downloaded from their site. Why do I play at this casino? Read here.

Progression Systems Trap

Now I'll talk more about the same roulette e-book sellers, especially those who give you a free roulette system and the casinos where their system will work. You already know that they get commissions on your losses through their affiliate relationship. What you don't know is that they make their systems in such a way that you will lose your money faster: by giving you a progression bet system. Any kind of progression bets are BS. No matter how well roulette sellers name their progression system, it still has at the base progression bets.

Some sellers say, "You know what? I've been playing with this system over 10 years and I'm playing with it right now and winning a fortune each day." The truth is, using that system you will lose a fortune each day. I know this because I lost a lot of money using the Martingale system, after listening to them say, "this system is the perfect one." It turns out that with the Martingale system you can only win if you have two billion dollars in your bank account and there is no limit at roulette game.

Other sellers say that their progression bets fail just at some moments. This is again BS. There are no periods when the system does and doesnt work because it doesn't work at all. You can start playing and lose everything on your first bet.

With my system you have to make ONLY Flat Bets. You will never have to increase your bets.

The Bonus Trap

This is the most common trap that you can be caught in. The scammer tell you that you need a high bankroll, but in order not to make a high deposit he tells you to take the deposit bonus. And you think, "What a great guy! He is taking care so much of me". But listen up. Thus you are stocked with the money in your casino account and you aren't able to withdraw any.

Even if you are winning by YOUR luck, the scammer will still have your money. Why? Because in order to be able to withdraw your winnings you'll have to make a wager requirement (they are different at every casino), but here is the catch: the Roulette wagers are NOT counted.

So those, who tell you to take the bonus in order to have a bigger bankroll, are affiliated with the casinos and they are waiting for anything else than the money you will deposit in your bankroll account and lose playing in slots games.

I don't ask this from you, I'm even going to open your eyes to this trap. I advise you not to take the bonuses and in the quick guide, which you will be offered. I'm talking so much about this since I have received many questions on this subject.

You may play at a casino and a bonus is added instantly. You should immediately stop playing and contact the support and remove them. Also you should not accept any managers' bonuses. This is a method of keeping your winnings (with your prior confirmation) in the account, but it can't be classified as scam by the casino, since it gives you the bonus policy (which you probably don't even read).

For example, one of my customers played at a casino and after he won a nice sum he received an e-mail claiming that he won a $200 bonus. He accepted it without reading the bonus policy. Later when he tried to withdraw the money, he found out that he should complete bigger wager requirements (roulette wagers aren't counted). Therefore he lost all his money playing slot machines. He claimed that it is the casino's fault, but in this case (even if in the most cases I'm on the customer's side) I think it's his fault, since he accepted the bonus.

So before accepting a bonus (even one that does not require a deposit) read all the information you have about this bonus and even request more from the support.

You can start playing with my system with only $35, so please don't try to collect those $35 from bonuses, since later you will write me telling that you can't withdraw your winnings and this is a scamming casino and how could I add it to my list.

The casino can also change the name of these bonuses and call them something like prizes. Not all but some of the prizes offered by the casinos may also have some kind of wager requirements. So ask for all the info before accepting free money.

The Money Back Guarantee Trap

I have always wondered how some roulette system sellers can offer you a 30 day (sometimes it goes to 90 days or even more) money back guarantee with no conditions attached (at least that is the way they put it in writing). Again some sellers don't offer any money back guarantee (at least they don't give you this hope like the others).

So in this way you buy a roulette system with a guarantee and after 10 days request your money back according to the guarantee. But listen, here is the catch. When you email them requesting a refund the reply never comes. So you write a second and a third time and so on, till the term ends. After that you receive an e-mail, "I'm sorry but the money back guarantee is available only for 30 days". I know this because I have personally had this experience.

The other scammers find hundreds of reasons (like you didn't use the claim system correctly) not to give you the guaranteed money back. You were, of course, never told before about these reasons. Anyway the scammers continuously use this strategy, because it gives you a total confidence this system will work and you buy because of it. I do things differently. I give you a comprehensive 30-day money back guarantee, but you must supply proof. It's very simple. You play with my system in real money mode. If you encounter a losing bet you make a screenshot (of the whole screen). Then make another screenshot of the next spin (I need it for improving my system) and the next and final shot of your "Casino History" (press "History" button). For more information on what you should provide read my Money Back Guarantee.

Why is this screenshot sufficient proof?

I have thought very much about how you could prove to me that the system failed and I think this is the best way. Because with this screenshot I will be able to see if you entered number after number (I'll see the casino history and the program's history) and that you in fact made the suggested bets on that spin. There were some users who didn't bet on the numbers that my system showed and sent me the screenshot. I know this is ridiculous. Anyway this can happen to anyone, so please check if you made the correct bets. No money back guarantee will be honored if the player fails due to his/her own mistake.

I also need the screenshots for the next spin and of your Casino History, because they will help me to improve the system. For no other reason. As soon as I receive these 3 screenshots you will receive your money back. In fact you will help me. Because finding these losing spins will give me the opportunity to improve my system. So as you see I'm so confident in this system that at the first error I'm giving you the money back. Of course I won't give a money back guarantee to those who will say that they lost, but they don't know how to make a screenshot or who will send a screenshot of 100x100 pixels (because it will not be clearly seen on the monitor). After receiving your money back you will not be able to continue using my program.

I think you will agree that a money back guarantee without any proof and with no conditions is not only incredible, but is also stupid. And also you realize that I'm not here to scam you. I want to sell you a real system that works and helps you to make real money.

P.S. - Though I give a chance for users to receive their money back, I want to thank to all the customers who sent their screenshots, but didn't request their money back as guaranteed and saying that they have won enough to cover this little loss. So I really appreciate those members who will just continue to help improve the system. There is a secret bonus waiting for those players.

Fake Promotion Trap

This is another common trap. Some guy makes a fantastic promotion and sells his system for less than the original price. Reading further, you suddenly find out that his promotion ends on midnight of the current day and you say, "Oh my god! It's my lucky day. I should buy it right now.” But if you just wait next day you’ll see the same thing.

The scammers use this trap to urge you to buy their system. They perfectly know that they are selling rubbish and the next day you’ll forget about them, because the scammers can’t impress you with their written lies. And they can’t show you any clear proofs. They don’t even give you any possibility to test or see how their system works, if it really works.

The reason this works so well is that you are afraid of loosing the "today only for" promotion.

I'm so confident in my system and you will come back, that I don't use any traps. I offer you a Discount for limited time and tell you freely that the price can be increased anytime without notice. And if I ever make terms, there will be strict dates without the above BS.

Besides all this I give you a Demo version, which you can download and test right here. I also provide you the small and entire videos of a real money play with my system. In this way I make the proof video accessible by all users both with dialup internet connection and broadband connection. I also provide you the screenshots of my actual withdrawals, please see them right here. And finally, read here what real people, who have played with my system, think about my system.

P. S. - I have received many e-mails from roulette e-book sellers, with warnings telling me to close this page. Ive exposed their traps, even if I havent named any names. I don't really care. I will never close this page. Even more, I will even update it with more scamming traps, so keep coming to this page and you will learn more about how to defeat scammers.

This article was written from my long experience with scammers. It was written for you not only to read but to learn from my mistakes and defend yourself.

P. P. S. - Now just think. Do these sellers have a professional site like mine?
Be serious. They say they make millions with their system. Don't they have ENOUGH money to invest in a great looking site? You know why? Because they don't win ANYTHING. In fact the only way they can make some money is by selling you their BS system.

P. P. P. S. - If you are a roulette e-book seller reading right now, don't bother to write me about closing this page because I WONT DO IT.
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