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Online Roulette - What is it? And what is the difference between the Online Roulette and traditional Roulette game that we play at real casinos. Online Roulette has the same rules as Live Roulette apart one difference. There are the minimum and maximum bet limits. In live roulette, the number fall based on many physical factors and it is very hard to predict it, anyway there are some apparatus that can detect it. In online roulette, the number lands based on the RNG (random number generator). So the casino server gives you the number using a formula. You can find a comprehensive explanation about how the RNG works internally in the Insider Secrets of Casino's RNG e-book, which you will receive when you order the World Best Roulette System Full Version.


I have a friend who didn't like playing online roulette because he believed that all the online casinos cheat. Even though I agree that some online casinos may cheat I’m not agree that all of them are cheating. For example, once he told me that 20 red colors landed in a row at a casino and he was playing the Martingale System (even though I told him it's a losing system).

Well, I proposed to him to make a quick test with a program made by me. The program would give random numbers. I programmed it to give 1,000,000,000 numbers and search through them rows of 20 red (black) colors. The result shocked him. He saw not just one row of 20 of the same color, but we also found rows of 25 of the same color. So that's the advantage of the Online Roulette, their numbers are really random. This means that the numbers are proportionally distributed and each combination of numbers is equally possible.

For example, the number 25 landed for 5 times in a row in one session of playing online roulette. Each time I was thinking it was the last one that it won’t land number 25 and I didn’t bet on number 25. And this is not a bug. So you can't blame the online casinos for cheating, because what really beat the players is the accuracy of the distribution of random numbers.

Then I gave him another challenge. I told him that if the casinos were cheating him, then why he doesn’t try to play with free spins and beat the online roulette. In this way the online casino can't cheat as the player doesn't place any chips on the table. So he accepted my challenge. It was very simple. He was writing his bet on a paper and the result too. He was making JUST free spins at the online casino. After few days he came back and told me that the online casinos still beats his system.

The online casinos use RNG to create random numbers and fair game play. The disadvantage for us is that RNG proportionally distribute every possible combination of numbers. Well, so it has occurred to me to transform this disadvantage into a profitable advantage.

Having some knowledge about Artificial Neural Network I thought that would be a good idea to implement it in my own RNG and to see if it can be beaten. After many weeks of work the result was astonishing. The casino’s house edge is 2.7% and I reduced it to 0.7%, which still loses in the long run. So I had to find a strategy that could be implemented here. One of the goals was to find a bet on the table that would give the biggest winning rate per spin and would bring profit (even a small one). I found the bet. You need to bet on 35 numbers on the table, by placing $1 chips. Each winning spin brings a profit of $1. It is not so much, but I got the highest winning rate per spin – 94.59%.

So, let's do some math here. Firstly, I reduced the house edge from 2.7% to 0.7%. This means I reduced it with (2.7-0.7)/2.7=74%. Secondly, the house edge per 35/37 bet is (37-35)/37=5.41%. If we implement these two advantages together we get the following result 5.41-(5.41*74%) =1.4%.
What does it mean? If I play 100 spins, then I will win 100-1.4=98.6% of the spins and lose 1.4% of the spins.

Now let's calculate the profit after you play 100 spins: 98.6% * $1 – 1.4% * $35=$49>0 WOW!! I am in profit.
After many improvements and tests on the numbers received from the users I reduced the house edge to 0.1%, meaning to lose once in 1,000 spins.

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