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If you are from US you can use my system too!

Great news for US players. Now my roulette system is available for you too.

I have the systems for 25 online casinos that accept US players (for example Bovada casino). More US casinos will be added soon.

The US casino version has the Automatic Playing Tool too. This means that the program plays instead of you while you just enjoy the winning show.

The program plays like a human being, it selects the chips, places them on the table etc. Even if you choose the Automatic Playing Tool the program makes some pauses, it doesn’t place the bets quickly. So it looks like a real person is playing Roulette.

Unfortunately I don't have a Demo Version for US players. I'm too busy for adding more casinos right now. Anyway US Casino version gives great results too, since it is based on the SAME principles.

You can download the proof video to see how my system works in real money mode. If you like how it works, then you can purchase my roulette system.

After you paid for the system, you should notify me that you are from US. You will get the system for a casino that accepts US players and all the bonuses.


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