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Why My Winning Roulette System Works ?

Firstly, I want to define my 2 terms:
Winning rate per spin (or the winning chance) - this is the probability of winning for a spin. For example, everyone keeps telling that you have 50% winning chance for red/ black bets, which is NOT true. It is very important not to round off the winning rate, but to have the exact winning rate per spin.

So for red/black bets in European Roulette game we have a winning rate per spin of
18 (18 red or black numbers) / 37 (total of numbers in European Roulette) =0.486486486(486)= 48.65%

For red/black bets in American Roulette we have a winning rate per spin of
18 (18 red or black number) / 38 (total of numbers in American Roulette)=0.47368421052631578= 47.37%

For 35 of 37 numbers betting we have a winning rate of
35 (betted numbers on the table) / 37 (total of numbers in Roulette)=0.945945945945945945945= 94.6%

Winning rate per game- this is the probability of winning for an entire game (number of spins won/ number of spins lost). For instance, you have played betting on red/ black colors (or 35 of 37 numbers or any other betting strategy) for 60 spins. You won 40 spins from all those 60 spins you have made.
This means that you have a winning rate per game of
40/ 60= 0.6666 (6) = 66.67%.
The winning rate per game of European roulette is the same as for American Roulette since here we don't take in consideration on what we bet, but ONLY the fact that we played N spins and won M spins.

So I use as my betting strategy, the 35 of 37 numbers betting. It assures me a winning rate per spin of 94.6%.

The winning rate per spin= winning rate per game IF you bet on a random number or you use your own strategy of guessing. A winning rate of 94.6% per game will bring you to failure.

My system is based on artificial neural network (ANN). I adapted ANN for my own purpose to beat RNG numbers and made the "properties" (I called them so) that proved to be very powerful.

The idea is that, due to the properties and the analyzing algorithm based on mathematics and informatics, the winning rate per game can be increased till 99.9% even if you have a 94.6% winning rate per spin.

This is the difference between my system and the system which the scammers sell. In roulette you have a mathematical disadvantage. So every system has a winning rate per spin less than 100% which of course will bring you to failure. The system, which scammers keep giving you, is nothing else than a betting strategy. But the betting strategy is not increasing the winning rate per spin, this means that your winning rate per game will depend on your luck. The scammers know that according to the chaotic theory, even if the human being has a good intuition, the winning rate per game cannot be bigger than the winning rate per spin in LONG term. That's why all the betting strategies fail and you always loose.

Here I utilize 35 of 37 numbers betting just as a betting strategy. But besides this, my system use a properties filter(based on artificial neural network) for finding those 2 numbers which have a small probability of landing on the next spin. The system can theoretically increase the winning rate per game till 100%, but practically till 99.9%.

Hope I answered here to all the questions I was receiving on this matter.

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